Nella Probiotic

A daily capsule of next-gen performance probiotic supplement designed to propel you to your highest potential.

Meet Nella Probiotic

A daily gut health probiotic supplement designed to propel you to your highest potential. Sign up for a subscription to build Nella into your daily routine. 

Gut Health Probiotic:
The New Frontier of Fitness

After years of cutting-edge research, we decoded the microbiome of some of the most fit people in the world to identify what drives optimal health and athletic performance. We translated that information into a "new to the world" performance probiotics that support the physiological demands of active lifestyles. Next-gen technology in the form of next-gen probiotic supplement. Packed in a capsule to give you the guts to defy your limits™.*

From Athletes. For You.

<p>Michelle Carter<br/>— Shot Put Olympic Champion & World Record Holder</p>

Good digestion is vital to how my body feels every day and Nella has given me the extra digestive support I need to feel my best.

Michelle Carter
— Shot Put Olympic Champion & World Record Holder

<p>Tim Parker<br/>— Professional Soccer Player & MLS Captain</p>

Nella makes me feel great. I used to feel some drag from my body at the start of every season, but this year I feel amazing!

Tim Parker
— Professional Soccer Player & MLS Captain

<p>Kyle Pietari<br/>— Top 10 Ultra Marathon Runner</p>

As an ultra runner, my gut is almost always what limits my performance in long races. FitBiomics is addressing this in a way no one else has.

Kyle Pietari
— Top 10 Ultra Marathon Runner

<p>Adeline Gray<br/>— Six-Time World Champion Wrestler & Olympic Silver Medalist</p>

FitBiomics’ probiotics are next-gen, cutting-edge tech that is made for everyone. Nella supports my overall gut health, and now I take it everywhere I go.

Adeline Gray
— Six-Time World Champion Wrestler & Olympic Silver Medalist

<p>Samantha Ahrens<br/>— Competitive Crossfit Athlete</p>

I noticed massive improvements while taking Nella. My recovery has been better than normal based on HRV measurements and my sleep quality and endurance has improved.

Samantha Ahrens
— Competitive Crossfit Athlete

<p>Lia Neal<br/>— Two Times Olympic Medalist & National Champion Swimmer</p>

FitBiomics is at the forefront of the future of probiotics and gut health. This is the inevitable future.

Lia Neal
— Two Times Olympic Medalist & National Champion Swimmer

<p>Angela Naeth<br/>— North American Ironman National Champion</p>

I love Nella probiotics, they’ve changed the way I feel when I go out for a long run. I simply no longer have my old GI irregularities, I sleep better, and feel healthier overall.

Angela Naeth
— North American Ironman National Champion

<p>Amanda Coker<br/>— Endurance Cyclist & Multiple World Record Holder</p>

Genuinely the best probiotic I have ever used. Nella also doesn’t cause any bloating, gastric distress, or cramping, and I have even noticed an improvement in brain fog.

Amanda Coker
— Endurance Cyclist & Multiple World Record Holder

<p>Krysta Palmer<br/>— World Renowned Diver & Olympic Medalist</p>

After starting Nella, I noticed that my stomach issues started to dissipate. My sleep improved during this time too, which led to better energy during practice in the pool.

Krysta Palmer
— World Renowned Diver & Olympic Medalist

Optimizing Fitness from the Inside Out

The Gut-Fitness Connection

With trillions of bacteria in our guts, our microbial ecosystem is integral in supporting numerous aspects of our digestion as well as physical & mental functionality. This ranges from breakdown of the foods we eat to support energy and protein metabolism, interacting with our immune system to keep us active, as well as production of neurotransmitters to support brain function. Being as much bacteria as we are human, our gut health is important for our holistic health.*

Next-Gen Athletes

Meet the team pushing the limits of athletic achievement. They share our passion for optimizing performance through gut health. And they help us push the limits in microbiome science to revolutionize performance probiotics.

No Guts, No Glory

Inspiring a World Where Greatness is Possible for Everyone

Our mission is to empower, educate, and elevate human potential, driving transformation from the inside out! Our team of passionate scientists, endurance athletes, and health enthusiasts worked together to create the best probiotic for the gut health of athletes. We strive to evolve athletics and pop culture with biotechnology, making next generation wellness accessible to everyone.