Meet Nella

A daily capsule of next-gen performance probiotic supplement designed to propel you to your highest potential.

Meet Nella

A daily capsule of next-gen performance probiotic supplement designed to propel you to your highest potential.

Performance Probiotics:
The New Frontier of Fitness

After years of cutting-edge research, we decoded the microbiome of some of the most fit people in the world to identify what drives optimal health and athletic performance. We translated that information into Nella - new to the world performance probiotics that support the physiological demands of active lifestyles. Next-gen technology in the form of next-gen probiotic supplement. Packed in a capsule to give you the guts to defy your limits™.*

From Athletes. For You.

Nella Probiotics | best probiotic supplement for female & male athletes

As an ultrarunner, my gut is almost always what limits my performance in long races. FitBiomics is addressing this in a way no one else has.

Kyle Pietari, Ultra Marathon Runner


FitBiomics is at the forefront of the future of probiotics and gut health...this is the inevitable future.

Lia Neal,
Olympic Medalist & World Champion Swimmer


I felt a noticeable improvement in my sleep and overall health which had a positive impact on my training.

Peter Schmidt,
Team USA World Championships Rower


I feel it has drastically changed my gut. I am sleeping more soundly...I feel overall like I’m recovering daily.

Angela Naeth, Triathlete & Ironman Champion


When it comes to fitness and being active, FitBiomics will give people the chance to improve their overall condition.

Marcus Hatten,
Trainer & Professional Basketball Player

Optimizing Fitness from the Inside Out

The Gut-Fitness Connection

With trillions of bacteria in our guts, our microbial ecosystem is integral in supporting numerous aspects of our digestion as well as physical & mental functionality. This ranges from breakdown of the foods we eat to support energy and protein metabolism, interacting with our immune system to keep us active, as well as production of neurotransmitters to support brain function. Being as much bacteria as we are human, our gut health is important for our holistic health.*

Next-Gen Athletes

Meet the team pushing the limits of athletic achievement. They share our passion for optimizing performance through gut health. And they help us push the limits in microbiome science to revolutionize performance probiotics.

No Guts, No Glory

Inspiring a World Where Greatness is Possible for Everyone

Our mission is to empower, educate, and elevate human potential, driving transformation from the inside out! Our team of passionate scientists, endurance athletes, and health enthusiasts worked together to create the best probiotic for the gut health of athletes. We strive to evolve athletics and pop culture with biotechnology, making next generation wellness accessible to everyone.