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The San Francisco Marathon, Powered By Nella

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From The Bridge, to the Park, through the Mission, and around the Waterfront, the intensity of running your race can greatly affect your gut, with more than half of runners and cyclists experiencing some GI distress during training & races (runners’ diarrhea, bloating, cramping, vomiting, etc). Therefore, maintaining gut health is a key component for optimal performance, both during and after races.

Probiotics can help activate gut microbiomes with beneficial functions. Some important impacts include:

Support Digestion & Bowel Movements Support nutrient absorption for energy metabolism Support sleep & recovery
Join the #Nellathon to run your performance and recovery like a pro.
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The gut is one of the most important body parts.
People might think that it’s your legs or your core muscles, but the gut has a bigger impact on race day than any other body part.

As an ultra runner, my gut is almost always what limits my performance in long races.

Fitbiomics is addressing this in a way no one else has.

-Kyle Pietari

<p>- Angela Naeth<br/>TRIATHLETE & IRONMAN CHAMPION</p>

I love Nella Probiotics. I have used it daily for more than a year. Nella has changed the way I feel when I go out for a long run.

I used to have a lot of GI symptoms and simply don’t have anymore. I feel I sleep better, and overall healthier in how I feel.

- Angela Naeth

<p>- Alison Mariella Désir<br/>ATHLETE, MENTAL HEALTH COACH, ACTIVIST, & AUTHOR </p>

The biggest thing I’ve noticed (since taking Nella Probiotics) ….is a better digestive system, increased energy and better sleep. I’ve been doing lots of different things to try to get my health back together, and this is something that has definitely made an impact. It’s as simple as taking one every morning.

- Alison Mariella Désir

The Guts To Run Your Best Race

Getting ready for race day is as much mental as it is physical! Arm your gut with Nella probiotics, get peace of mind knowing the course, and fill your soul by training with a community of like minded runners.

The San Francisco Full Marathon

Race Start

7/24/2022 5:40am*
@Embarcadero @Mission

Race Finish

Main Marathon Finish Line
@Embarcadero @Folsom

* Visit the official SF Marathon site for final course & start time
Official SF Marathon Site

Official Ambassadors of
The San Francisco Marathon

Official Ambassadors of <br><span>The San Francisco Marathon</span>

Each year, a team of Ambassadors represent the San Francisco Marathon in their local running communities. Ambassadors represent a broad range of runners who participate in San Francisco Marathon – from competitive athletes with ambitious goals to amateur runners who run to keep fit and have fun.

Nella by FitBiomics is proud to support San Francisco Marathon Runners - both from their gut health with Nella as well as in the training journey. That's why we teamed up with the San Francisco Marathon team to bring you this RUN 365 Marathon Training App. Download for training tips and exclusive offers.

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